Technology and Product Development

Empathetic Technology Alignment

Amazing technologies exist within corporations, patents and trade secrets that everyone knows are the seed for the next billion-dollar business but struggle to get translated into a successful consumer product. Utilizing a unique combination of Design Thinking, deep consumer learning and a thorough assessment of your company’s technology, Empathetic Technology Alignment surfaces platforms and ideas that make the best use of your company’s underleveraged assets.


· A food company has developed an extrusion technology that delivers a novel texture. Excitement in the company is high, but everything tested with consumers fails to produce a winning product. Empathetic Technology Alignment meticulously teases apart the characteristics of the new technology and matches them to a database of consumer needs. Viable territories are created leading to a roadmap of ideas and successful products.

· A new filtration process is created at a fragrance company. While not their specialty, the company would like to understand potential uses to better license it. Empathetic Technology Alignment assembles a forum of filtration experts to discuss the future potential of the technology. Territories are created and, through a series of consumer co-creation events, several profitable industries and partners are identified.

Product Design and Development Workshops

An accelerated, intensive and collaborative series of sessions that starts with a basic corporate need and results in a fully formed and focused consumer insights, edible product concepts, early brand positioning/identity and a robust go-to-market strategy.


· Your brand has identified Hispanic Millennials as a “must reach” target market for your beverage business, but you are struggling to get traction on ideas. Through an intensive, facilitated 6-week Product Design Workshop, you and your team explore, develop and iterate your way to solid platform of product ideas complete with packaging considerations, total product offering and brand strategy.

Rapid Prototyping Sessions

Successful product development requires iteration, a way to quickly and inexpensively expose your core consumer to ideas and extract useful feedback. Rapid Prototyping Sessions are facilitated, collaborative workshops between your business team and your consumer. Using the best principles of Lean Startup and Co-Creation, this process extracts valuable insights from your consumer and jumpstarts your team into identifying winning design principles and formulations.


· A food company needed to develop a differentiated snack bar for the club channel. Using a series of recruited club store consumers, non-edible props and bench-top created edible samples, the team utilized Rapid Prototyping to develop the ideal texture, size, package requirements and messaging to win over the Club buyer and lead to record sales.

· A fast casual restaurant chain was interested in revamping their menu and their culinary identity. They used Rapid Prototyping Sessions to expose current and potential customers to experimental menus, boundary-pushing dishes and new format concepts. The result was a collectively understood vision of the company’s brand and a culinary identity that helped build a roadmap for future growth.