Product Innovation and Brand Strategy


Opportunity Assessment

New to a category, a channel or an occasion? Trying to understand how a particular demographic will alter the retail landscape? An Opportunity Assessment analyses all of the players in the market, looks at tangential categories and trends, speaks to leading edge experts, and goes in-home with influential consumers to deliver a robust framework of possibilities for your company to leverage.


Is breakfast due for a disruption? What untapped opportunities exist in the AM hours? An Opportunity Assessment charts the landscape of current and emerging territories that your brand could explore.

What is the true market potential of cannabis and CBD within the snack, beverage and beauty categories? What untapped opportunities exist and which are compatible with your brand?

Where should your portfolio management company invest? What categories and brands exist in the retail landscape that are ripe for future growth? An Opportunity Assessment framework brings qualitative and quantitative clarity to ambiguous markets.

Consumer Job Maps

Based on the work of Harvard professor Clayton Christenson, Consumer Job Maps lay out all of the unspoken reasons why consumers purchase a product or frequent a category. Using close to the consumer ethnographic research, trend analysis, and marketplace analytics, Consumer Job Maps identify the needs and wants of your consumer and allow your brand to tightly focus new product development efforts, marketing strategy and advertising campaigns.


What does “clean” mean to consumers and their clothes? While the answer might seem straightforward, the reality is amazing complex. Depending on their age, situation, geography and gender, consumers perceive cleanliness in vastly different ways. A Consumer Job Map of “cleanliness” exposes the product design principles and differentiated “ways in” to create and bolster successful brands.

What role does confectionaries play in the lives of Millennials? From nostalgic memories to luxury indulgences, a Consumer Jobs Map of spells out all of the emotional and functional motivations of confections for this demographic AND identifies the most relevant opportunity for your brand.

· What are your fast food customers looking for in the AM? Instead of starting at the category level (e.g. sandwiches, smoothies, and bakery), Consumer Job Maps identify the underlying drivers that motivate people to stop in the first place. From these foundational needs, Job Maps help you discover new customers and innovate for your core.


In-Market Problem Analysis and Resolution

Sometimes product launches don’t go as planned, a normally solid brand takes an unexpected stumble in sales or a silent reformulation isn’t so silent. In these moments, when you’ve exhausted internal solutions, In-Market Problem Analysis and Resolution is the answer. Using a comprehensive, but rapid, series of consumer conversations and observations, competitor reconnaissance and brand analysis, this process teases out the insights and crystallizes the action steps necessary to turn your sales numbers in the right direction.


· Sales of a brand’s facial cleanser had been slowly declining the last four quarters. Trade and in-store advertising efforts failed to turn things around. In-Market Problem Analysis and Resolution surfaced the root causes of the decline and formulated a workable action plan to address the immediate and future issues.

Future Reinforcement

Sometimes you can do all of the “right things” in business but can be taken down by a trend, a fad or competitor you didn’t see coming. Future Reinforcing is a process that looks at your business through a series of impending technological, sociological and industry forces and develops strategies and playbooks to adapt your portfolio for future success.


· While the recent consumer interest in “gut health” seems relegated to the food and beverage industry, the role of “total body microflora” in everyday health is slowly entering mainstream. Seizing on this emerging consumer insight, a skincare company undergoes Future Reinforcement to develop a new line of products and strategies around the idea of “whole body balance.”

· Contemplating the future of alternative protein, a meat company completes Future Reinforcement. The strong historical and sociological taboo against insect protein, as well as the technological hurdles of conversion, push them toward a strategy of lab cultured meat alternatives.